October 30th's Pic of the Day comes from Cochrane Yard at about 0830 this morning as the consist of a special train (numbered 999) greets the morning light after spending the night on the Yard's Center Lead. This is a huge dimmensional load picked up from CN at Hearst. It will be making it's way to North Bay where it will be handed back to CN to continue it's journey to Quebec (the load originated in Alberta). With the overall length of the load (120 feet) and the loaded weight on the two TTX heavy duty flat cars (547000 pounds each according to ONR info), certain special instructions apply to moving it. Some of those instructions include a travelling speed of not more than 30 mph (10 mph over all bridges), movements are restricted to daylight only, and 3 CN consigned loads must be marshalled onto each end of this dimmensional load.

Since the movements are restricted to daylight only, it'll be a 3 day trip across the ONR. Day 1 was utilized to haul the load from Hearst to Cochrane. Day 2 will see it hauled from Cochrane to Englehart with Day 3 allowing the load to complete it's ONR trip being set-off on the CN Transfer at North Bay.

And a special "howdy" goes out to Kirkland Lake's own Wayne Reid who visited Cochrane today.