There always comes a time in our lives when you're truly Thankful for the Friends that surround you on a daily basis. May 27th 2005 (my 37th Birthday) was a firm reminder of how special these Friends are that I've made during my 5 year systemwide ONR adventure.
I've been setting money aside for well over a year to purchase an 8 megapixel digicam. Two good Friends Karen & Cindy decided to surprise me by taking up a collection by sending around 2 birthday cards (one in Cochrane & one in Englehart) over the course of a week. I had no idea what was happening until I opened up an 8x10 envelope on my birthday. Enclosed were the 2 cards complete with a ton of signatures and well over $500 contributed for the camera purchase!
I was speechless. A big Thank You goes out to Everybody and a Special Thanks to Karen, Cindy, & others for putting all this together. It's June 3rd now and I still can't get over it... Wow!
After 5 years of running this site I've realised first and foremost that the People are and always will be what makes this place special. This moment will always be remembered. Thanks to all of You.
This photo taken by Cindy shows the shock I felt as I open one of the Birthday Cards at Cochrane Station. Great Shot, Cindy!