April 7th's "Pic of the Day" is captured during a "Multi-tonnage" kind of day at Cochrane Yard. The day's events started with GP40-2 2201 which, as reported yesterday, was initially planned to stay in Hearst.  However, the extra 1000 horses were needed for today's 514 (Opasatika to Cochrane) requiring 516 (Hearst to Opasatika) to hand over GP38-2 1805 & 2201 at the meeting point to accomodate 514's train. 514's load today consisted of 111 cars weighing in at 13384 tons (that tonnage is a record for 514). In the background of this photo 514 can be seen pulling in to the Yard giving it all she's got. 

Meanwhile, 213 rolls into Cochrane this afternoon with GP40-2's 2200 & 2202 accompanying SD75I 2103 with the initial plan being to leave the 2200's at Cochrane. However, only the 2202 remained as 2200 would be required to run second fiddle to 2103 to accomodate today's tonnage to Englehart. In the foreground 2200 can be seen m.u.'d with 2103 awaiting her return trip to Englehart. Needless to say, the 2200's didn't arrive on ONR trackage a moment too soon.