It's one of those heavily horsepowered 213's arriving at Cochrane tonight (July 27th) from Englehart. In order, SD75I 2104, SD40-2 1735, and SD75I 2103. The lash up is seen here temporarily spotted on the Center Lead Track to clear the Shop Track while today's Yard Crew (which have returned to using back-to-back GP9's again) do some switching at the Shops. 

I later found out why there was so much power on 213 that night. I hadn't noticed at the time but 2104 and 1735  were shut down due to mechanical problems. 2104 and 1735 were originally the power for 308 from Kidd (which only went as far as Porquis due to the mechanical problems with it's power). 2103 (the power for 213) picked up the dead power at Porquis. An extra GP38-2 (1804) was added to 414's power (2103) at Cochrane while the 2 shut down units (2104 & 1735) would be tagging along for the ride south. 1804 was added to 2103 because 414 would be lifting 308's consist at Porquis as it journeyed to Englehart. All in all 414 wound up with 4 units and one remarkably long and heavy train by the time it left Porquis tonight.