When you look at the overall history of Ontario Northland, there's so much more to it than just tracks and trains. Today was a truly special day at Cochrane Station when ON history didn't focus on the railway but more so focused on the folks that work it.
Bill Routlidge, a good friend and ONR Conductor celebrates his final trip north today before retiring after a long career starting May 31, 1972. To celebrate, Bill was joined today by an old friend and retired Engineman Don Church who I hear began with the ONR in the 40's.
In this photo, Bill poses with Don (on the left) and Don's son Dale (on the right) for the local newspaper who dropped by to do a write up of the special event. Dale is today's Engineman for the trip north so not only is Bill's successful railway career being celebrated, but decades of northern railroading are being celebrated as 2 members of the Church family join Bill to comemorate his final trip. Today was indeed another chapter in the ONR History Books.
Have fun in Moosonee, guys