2011... Another productive year. Looking back at the updates, you can see that I've been blessed to be able to devote more time to one of my most favorite passtimes. I have to personally Thank a lot of people for that, and am truly a happier person for it. A Fuji HS10 became my new travel companion in 2011 as I was able to witness once again a year in the life of Ontario Northland. Firstly, I got to literally be a witness as 2 dear friends finally took the jump into married life. Ontario Northland said so long to a few veterans through retirement, all of which were key players in making onrgallery.com what it is today. The "O.N. Rail" era officially came to an end as the new corporate image was introduced. I got to witness Rouyn-Noranda as never before thanks to yet another Annual Convention of the Ontario Northland Railway Historical & Technical Society. I got to see GO Transit double decker coaches racing up to Moosonee, and the tradition of ONR's "Santa Claus Express" came to an end in a symphony of music and lights with a special consist called the "Ontario Northland Christmas Train".