2006 was the year that we were forced to bid a fond farewell to Station Contractor Raymond Ivall, who tragically lost his life while building his new home in Cochrane. It was also the year that one of the biggest shipping challenges ONR has ever seen, the CN Logistics/ Amec hauling job for the De Beers Victor Diamond Project, kicked into high gear whether ONR was ready for it or not. It was the first year that I got to witness first hand the perils of winter railroading in the Great Muskeg aboard the 421 Little Bear. 2006 was the year that a little dog named Sonny, survived for over 3 weeks in the wilderness of the Island Falls Subdivision, to eventually be rescued by Polar Bear Express Crewmembers Jeff Glinski, Peter Smith, and Denis Morin. It was also the year members of the North American Rail Car Operators Association embarked on a 186 mile journey to Moosonee from Cochrane with ONR's own Grant Bailey, and his rebuilt Fairmont motor car, tagging along.

January 1, 2006 to December 23, 2006