January 4, 2004 to December 29, 2004

2004 was the year that Ontario Northland "glammed up" the Polar Bear Express with newly acquisitioned BC Rail Pacific Starlight Dinner Train equipment (a.k.a. Gordodomes). It was also the year we learned first hand, what being shoved by locomotives face first into ice and snow was REALLY like as we journey to Moosonee on a Plow Work. Maintenance of Way tackles a "design flaw" in Cochrane Yard responsible for derailing countless lumber loads. Canac officially takes over switching operations at Tembec's Smooth Rock Falls Pulp Mill, saving ONR a lot of time and money. We take 2 field trips north this year. Aside from our regular jaunt to Moose River, we also head to Otter Rapids. And the Polar Bear Express celebrates it's 40th Anniversary with a special Media trip to Moosonee. 2004 was also the year that we said a fond farewell to many of the key people who helped get onrgallery.com off the ground, through an early retirement package offered by Ontario Northland's North Bay head office.