I was graciously invited by Ottawa's Kyle Cuthbert to attend the Ottawa Valley Associated Railroaders September Dinner Event held at the St. Anthony's  Soccer Club Hall in Ottawa on September 12th. I was asked to present to the dinner's attendees a view of my photographic adventures over the last 17 years along the rails of the Ontario Northland.

The dinner was absolutely delicious and the comradery among the club's membership was unmistakable. It was a pleasure to meet many of those in attendance that night and it's my sincerest hope that the info and experiences that I was able to share with you during my presentation (even though we decided to edit the presentation once it hit the 1 hour mark "oops") will encourage our friends in our country's capital city to continue modeling our beloved Ontario Northland.

Since the overall theme of the night was the Ontario Northland, I and my fellow attendees were treated to some very fine model railroad pieces in HO, O, and even G scale by some of the club's members. I was so pleasantly surprised that there were so many ONR fans in the room, I had to remind myself that I was in Ottawa!

Thank you once again to Kyle and the Ottawa Valley Associated Railroaders for the invite and the very enjoyable evening.

Below you'll see some of the beautiful examples of Ontario Northland equipment that OVAR Members have customized and/or painted or have purchased through the local hobby shops.

The above image is of Kyle Cuthbert's custom built Ontario Northland ballast car which is a work in progress. So far so good Kyle! Can't wait to see the final product!

This is an image of Steve McKenzie's G scale GP38-2 1800. Steve added the winterization hatch, the ditch lights, and custom painted it. And that's just what he did on the outside of the unit! Great job Steve!

Seen here is an O guage 40 foot box car belonging to Bruce Morgan. A beautiful rendition of the classic "Ontario's Development Road" box cars that so many of us remember from decades ago.


We're a proud member of the Ontario Northland Railway Historical & Technical Society