After quite a bit of redesigning and rebuilding from her newsprint hauling days under the number 7410, the 421 Polar Bear Express received it's insulated and heated line car replacement for the retired 2556 (retired in September 2014) at the end of November 2015. 264 is seen here on Steam 1 at Cochrane's Coach Yard coupled to the 421 passenger consist on December 20th. The car was initially rebuilt in 2014 and shipped to Cochrane from North Bay back in November of that year. It quickly had to be sent back due to some design issues that prevented it from entering 421 service such as the lack of H.E.P. connections on both ends (the previous design had the connections on one end), the car's original coupler bodies being too long to allow enough slack for the H.E.P. cables, plus some other issues. Once these issues were addressed at North Bay and the 264 returned to Cochrane, there were some small electrical issues that had to be addressed. Once those issues were cleared up, 264 was officially entered into service as part of the Polar Bear Express consist.