We're at Coral Rapids Pit located at mile 94 of the Island Falls Subdivision August 26th. This pit is just north of Otter Rapids (mile 93) and just south of Coral (mile 96). The old pit has become quite a busy place this summer serving as a loading point for ballast work on the Island Falls Subdivision. Here we see Ditcher #1 Conductor Colin calling out car lengths to MJ aboard GP38-2 1808 as ballast empties are spotted for loading. The speed restriction is 5 miles per hour on this track because of the major downhill grade from the main (if you look above the ballast cars you can see the main), the 60 lbs rail in the pit, and old "pit run", which is basically sand with some rocks in it, used as ballast for the spur. This old "pit run" used to be used as ballast all along the Island Falls Subdivision many years ago, but now rock is blasted, crushed, and brought to this loading area from another nearby portion of the huge pit. Thannks to Roadmaster Kevin Lehman for some of the background info for today's pic.