July 6th 2015 will mark the 2 year anniversary of the deadliest freight train accident in Canadian history. 47 lives were lost in the Quebec community of Lac Megantic when a runaway train loaded with crude oil derailed and exploded right in the middle of town. The way the world looked at tank car design and safety from that terrifying day onward was permanently changed. Canadians within close proximity to a railway track were now made eerily aware that tank cars rolled by very regularly through their neighbourhoods. Along with investigating and charging those responsible for the disaster, Transport Canada took the opportunity to immediately review, rewrite, and revise tank car safety guidelines for all tank cars regardless of what they hauled in order to hopefully avoid a disaster like Lac Megantic from ever happening again. In Cochrane on June 26th, we see a new sulphuric acid tank car owned by Procor and built by Union Tank Car in April 2015 complete with some extra safety features which include something called a 'rupture disc' on each end of the car built to prevent a coupler from puncturing the tank in the event of a derailment. Other noticeable safety features include improved steps and grab irons on the A and B ends, and a bigger operating platform for added work space. To read more about Canada's guidelines for manufacturing or modifying tank cars and ton containers for transportation of dangerous goods, click HERE.