The fibre optic train continues it's journey north up the Ramore Subdivision June 17th, but here's where things get a little dicey. Pictured here is a whole lot of people keeping a close eye on reel car HMIX 88869 as it crawls across Highway 101, one of the Timmins area's busiest roads, through a crossing which has been buried under layers of asphalt for almost 2 years. We're at what was once considered mile 109 of the Ramore Subdivision. This section of the Ramore Subdivision and beyond was pretty much shut down in the early 1990's. All train movements from here on can only be made under written authority of the Vice-President of the Rail Division. The track remained because of a power station located further up the track however all crossings were removed. The crossings were reopened back in 2013 to get a new transformer to that power station with the crossings paved over soon afterwards. Some of those same crossings (only up to mile 113 this time) had to be reopened this week in order to allow the laying of the fibre optic tubing.