She's big, she's heavy, and she's travelled on rails that haven't seen traffic in over 15 years. A new transformer was hauled to the HEPC Power Station in Timmins from nearby Kidd December 11th via a GP40-2 (2200) and a crew ordered out of Cochrane. This wraps up a 3 day journey across Ontario Northland to the transformer's new home at the power station. The transformer was picked up from CN on December 8th at North Bay, was hauled to Englehart on Monday December 9th, then rode 207 from Englehart to Kidd on December 10th. With a crew and a 4 axle unit (2200) from Cochrane, the heavy tonnage was slowly hauled from Kidd to Ramore Sub's 109, then to the no longer utilized stretch of the Ramore Sub (which included the City of Timmins needing to open up paved over railway crossings) to mile 115 where it was dropped off to HEPC on the 11th. Here we see the consist on arrival at the transformer station in a photo submitted by train crewmember Mildred. Thanks MJ!