Here's a photo from July 2004 just south of Potter on the Devonshire Subdivision. Just when you thought that alot of power was needed to haul a long and heavy 414 south. Not quite. Yes, this is 414, however the last two units (SD75I 2104 & SD40-2 1735) were from 308 (Timmins to Englehart).Both locos suffered mechanical woes resulting in both units being shut down at Porquis while the train was southbound. Cochrane bound 213 powered by the lead SD75I 2103 picked up the two conked out units at Porquis while heading north. This meant that 308's consist was still sitting at Porquis. Enter GP38-2 1804 (the second unit on this consist). She was added at Cochrane for extra horsepower to enable southbound 414 to pick up 308's train at Porquis to continue south to Englehart.