Making her debut at Cochrane Yard March 2003 running elephant style behind SD75I 2100 on a Monday afternoon 213 from Englehart is ONR's newest locomotive paint job. This time belonging to SD40-2 1734. Although by now the locomotive is quite dirty  it's still a very flashy repaint. This is the 2nd SD40 to recieve the O.N. Rail paint with 1730 recieving new paint last fall. There are subtle differences you can notice between 1730 and 1734 which include the removal of the roof extensions behind the cab and the addtion of bright yellow paint applied to the centre rear axle. According to the stenciled lettering on the truck itself, it seems this particular axle is temporarily being used for a brake shoe test ( See the axle  ). A big Thanks goes to Tom Smith for notifying me of 1734's trip up the Devonshire that day.