GP9 1602, GP40-2 2201, & GP38-2's 1801 and 1805 handle heavy switching at Cochrane Yard

It's May 2005 and we're a few weeks into a new CN/ON haulage agreement which would see some CN traffic run through the ONR system in order to avoid CN's traffic heavy Toronto & Montreal area. So much traffic that sometimes extra power is needed in order to arrange things for the journey south of Cochrane as in this case seen here. The 1400 Yard Shift began with GP9 1602 & GP40-2 2201 (2201 is still in the "testing" mode) which handled the usual work of the Yard Job flawlessly. However, once 514 rolled into town from Opasatika with 200 ton concentrate loads among the usual 514 consist, 514's power of GP38-2's 1805 & 1801 were immediately m.u.'d to the Yard power to accomodate the switching demands.