This is an April 2005 view of 2 out of 3 GP40-2 locomotives (2200 & 2202) purchased in early 2005 from U.S. based Helm Leasing as they roll into Cochrane Yard for the first time. These units will begin a 55 day test period running as trailing units. Therefore they don't yet have radios, cdu's, or microwaves. 

As this photo was taken the third GP40-2 (2201) has already began testing on the Kapuskasing Subdivision.

You'll notice that the locomotives' deck, steps, plow, etc. are blue in color. The usual "School Bus" yellow used by ONR over the last 30 years has also been replaced by a "Canary" yellow. These quite noticeable discrepencies in the paint are due to the fact that these units have been painted by a Contractor in Mindoka, Illinois rather than at North Bay's Paint Shop.

See these units m.u.'d to 213

See a closer view of 2202

See 2201 at work