Let the adventure begin. What you see here is 4 CN Bulkhead flats spending a weekend in Cochrane after arriving on the previous Friday's 213 from Englehart November 2005. The loads are Atco portable bunk houses, which are considered DL's (Dimmensional Loads) due to the fact that they are wider than the deck of the flats. The Atco's originated at Toronto where they were loaded by CN's Logistics Division, otherwise known as AMEC. Once out of Cochrane Yard, the Atco's will journey the 186 miles to Moosonee, where they will then be off-loaded by AMEC at a newly built siding specifically built for the transfering of the millions of tons of equipment, containers, generator units, etc., which will be used at the new DeBeer's Victor Diamond Mine located at Attawapiskat. Once the loads are off-loaded at Moosonee, trucks will then be used for the almost 240 km trip along specially built ice roads, to haul the loads to the new mine site.