If this was a model railroad, the wiring required to run an operation like this would be a nightmare. Let me explain. It's a cold, November day after one of Cochrane Yard's first snowfalls. On the left of the photo, the Yard's 1400 Yard Crew, utilizing GP9 1605, sort out rough from the afternoon's 622 from Moosonee. In the centre of the photo, recently arrived 213 power, featuring SD75I 2100 & SD40-2 1730, twists and winds it's way through the Yard, Center Lead, & Ladder Tracks, enroute to the Shop track for the hand-off to the Hostler. On the right of the photo, a recently arrived Work Train returning from a rock dumping trip on the Island Falls Subdivision, with it's designated power featuring GP38-2 1809, sets off the day's consist and will soon be joining the 213 power on the Shop Track.