Ever since CN and ONR signed a haulage agreement back in February 2005, little did I know that this new agreement would include moving CN's OCS (On Company Service) equipment such as wheel cars, ballast cars, and this thing. What you see here spotted on Cochrane Shops' Rip Track in September 2005 is a ribbon rail carrier, which is basicly 15 or so flats rigged up to carry one long stretch of rail. While inspected on arrival at Cochrane on the previous day's 213, Car Inspectors discovered a bad wheel, which meant that the entire line of cars wouldn't be continuing their journey until the wheel was changed. Now, this apparently is no easy task when it comes to these things since the cars have to be separated, which includes a little more than just yanking the operating lever, plus the fact that the Rip has to be pretty much cleared in order to afford the necessary room to accomodate this lash up. Long story short, our Rip Crew got the job done, and the oddball consist was on it's way west within a couple of days.