GP40-2 2201 debuts as a lead unit

July 6th, 2005 can be marked down on your calandar as the day a 2200 series GP40-2 began running in the lead position on ONR trains as 2201 arrives on that night's Northlander at Cochrane. She was m.u.'d to GP38-2 1800 (121-221's original power) at North Bay which gave the Northlander's Head End Crew a chance to "road test" the newly converted 3000 horsepower locomotive. When the units were purchased in early 2005 from Helm Leasing, the 3 GP40-2's were without radios, C.D.U.'s, or microwave ovens which limited them to running as trailing units only.  The 2201, after her retrofitting, now boasts  new "lumbar" seating (which are veeerrrrryy comfy), two built in radios (one for the Engineman and one for the Conductor), a new microwave oven, and a C.D.U.

Another little factoid worth mentioning is that the front and rear railings have been painted a bright yellow (with a brush, not a spray) when the unit was converted.