This is a June 2005 photo snapped at Hunta along the Kapuskasing Subdivision. Due to a wheel problem on the consist of the previous night's 514 resulting in half of their train being left behind here, the Crew of Track Inspection Train CP 8218, which was trapped behind 514 at Driftwood, was dispatched out of Cochrane at sunrise with GP9 1603 and GP38-2 1805 to run "engines only" to Hunta in order to pull the remainder of 514's train into Cochrane. Once the train reaches Cochrane, our Running Crew will get a lift to Driftwood to begin their day of testing on 8218. In this photo, the carbon's getting cleared as our Conductor only Crew throttles up with 514's consist in tow for the 7 or so mile trip to Cochrane.