It's June 25,2005. The official kick off of the 2005 Polar Bear Express excursion season. This is a photo snapped along Cochrane Yard's Shop Track where I witness something that looked more like a backlogged taxiway of an International Airport than the Shop Track. What you see here is the efficient handling of two trains that depart within a half hour of each other. Leading up on this parade awaiting her Crew (on the right) is this morning's southbound 422 Northlander being lead by GP38-2 1802. The Northlander is scheduled to roll out of Cochrane at 0800. Once the "blow & go" order is given to 422, the northbound 423 Polar Bear Express with GP38-2's 1804 & 1801, also seen here awaiting it's Crew, will occupy the Main with it's coach consist to board for their 0830 departure.