In May 2005 Shops, Maintenance Of Way, & Running Crews had a little bit of a dilemma on their hands at Cochrane Yard as 5 loaded gondolas of concentrate which were part of an incredibly long 514 from Opasatika derail at the midway point of the Yard. This unfortunate circumstance left the train's tail end stranded on the Mainline. In this photo Maintenance of way Loader Operator Phil and his Cat 966F are called in to shove the tail end of 514 into the clear of the Center Lead track, under the watchful eyes of Shops Boss Winston & Manager of Train Operations Dan, in order to allow today's Yard Crew access to the last 6 or 7 cars of the train. This operation will clear a path into the Yard and allow the Yard Crew the opportunity to clear the derailed area. In the background is the passenger consist of that afternoon's southbound 622 Little Bear which was also stranded where it sat after the derailment.