It was a beautiful spring morning in May 2003 as I accompany Running Crew Peter, Paul & Kelly (not to be confused with Peter, Paul & Mary...hee hee) for a short run west to do some necessary switching and hauling of outgoing loads and empty tanks from Tembec's Smooth Rock Falls pulp mill operation. The main reason for these weekend trips (both Saturday and Sunday morning) is the limited space for cars at the mill's car loading and unloading facilities plus the fact that ONR does all of the mill's necessary switching. The 2 nearby paper mills in Kapuskasing and Iroquois Falls each have their own switchers (See Kapuskasing's and see Iroquois Falls' ). It's a relatively quick departure since we head to Smooth Rock Falls with our power only. Our speed limit is in the neighborhood of 25 miles per hour which gives plenty of time for site seeing. The rising sun mixed with the rolling waters of the Frederickhouse River provided a truly scenic photograph. Once the photo was taken I turn the camera on our head end crew consisting of Paul our Conductor and Peter, today's Engineman. Kelly, a Brakeman Trainee is riding the 2nd unit. When trains have more than one unit, the Crews often split themselves up between the first and second unit because jamming a 3 man crew and their stuff into one cab is a little tight.
We arrive at Smooth Rock. Our first job is to pick up a string of empty box cars and proceed to the car loading facility. The huge doors are opened, the loads are removed and set off replaced with the empties. There is no tank work for us today since it was done the day before. The chemical track at Smooth Rock is a real challenge for the man at the stick since the entire spur is on a steep grade winding around to the back of the complex. I hear it's a real nightmare in winter. We couple up to our southbound loads and the air is applied.  Time to switch units.
Pete and myself grab our stuff and head to the other unit where we join Kelly. Paul hangs back in the other unit. We're soon on our way up the ol' domain of the Mattagami Railroad to meet the main line. Everything gets lined at Smooth Rock Junction and we're soon enroute to Cochrane.
While on our slow journey home Pete, an avid sportsman spots a moose feeding in an open field which was quite an awesome sight (which I managed to miss being a city slicker). We soon arrive at Cochrane where our loads are spotted on the Shed 1 track. They'll stay there until Monday's Yard Detail. With the cars spotted, Pete notifies the Shops' Hostler of the arrival. Once the Hostler boards, the power's brought back to the Station where the Crew jumps off and the Smooth Rock Turn is done for another day.

Check out another photo from a trip to Smooth Rock