2015 proved to be yet another challenging year at Ontario Northland. However, like all years previous, Ontario Northland's rail division managed to greet 2016 despite ever growing ignorance and neglect from her Queen's Park owners. We saw the final trip into the Iroquois Falls Subdivision and Resolute's Newsprint Mill property as former ONR GP9 1600 and former CN SW1200RS 1305 are hauled away. We get to witness first hand the clearing of snow by historic Jordan spreader 529. We check in at Hearst and chase 514 past former CN landmarks as it journeys to Kapuskasing. We get a peek at the major upgrades to Polar Bear Express coach equipment in North Bay. We see ONR's fleet truck upgrades courtesy of Dodge and Chevy, and follow the cable plow special between Porquis and Timmins. We also witnessed a labor dispute at Ontario Northland, a lock out of both railway & bus mechanics which lasted over 40 days. Will this bungled action of locking out employees seal the fate of this once great railway? We'll have to wait and see. But, in the meantime Ontario Northland still rolls on thanks to the many folks you see every single day maintaining and operating the entire transportation system from one end of the network to the other. Kudos to all of you for another productive year.