Members of the Ontario Northland Historical and Technical Society came across a rare treat while gathering for their Annual Convention held in June 2011. While photographing southbound 214 at Earlton (see the photo HERE), we were all pleasantly surprised to find classic NSC caboose 110 sitting all by her lonesome on the siding located there. This particular detail got my attention. In the age of vinyl lettering and spray painted stencils, it was quite refreshing to see the care and attention that went into lettering Ontario Northland's older cabooses. You can see by the slow fading of the "Ontario's Development Road" that the lettering was applied by the now-rare art of sign writing! Years ago, craftsmen would spend hours with camel hair brushes, a stick to rest their wrist on, and an incredibly steady hand to literally paint each and every letter individually. Unfortunately, technology pretty much knocked this craft out of existence.